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Java with the Google Chrome browser

  NPAPI plugins don't work on Chrome version 42 and higher Plugins allow extra features to be added to browsers. For example, you can watch certain types of videos or play a game that’s on a webpage. NPAPI support has ended In the past, many plugins were...

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DS Cloud & Backup

Productivity Cloud & Backup Multimedia Cloud & Backup With the shift to multi-screen lifestyles and the increasing reliance on data at work or home, it's never been more important to ensure your documents are well protected and always available. That’s why...

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Integration Manager Errors

ERROR: Unable to open source queries because Query 'XXX' is not found in the database. – ADO Field is nothing The ADO field is nothing error is caused when a user still has the data source file open. Whether it is a text file or csv in Excel you want to ensure that...

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Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces

The following tables list functionality and feature support comparisons for the four main Windows file systems, NTFS, exFAT, UDF, and FAT32: Functionality Feature NTFS exFAT UDF FAT32 Creation time stamps Yes Yes Yes Yes Last access time stamps No (see note below) Yes...

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synology DNS setup and config

How to set up your domain with Synology DNS Server SOURCE Overview With Synology's DNS Server package, you can turn your Synology DiskStation into a private domain name server, allowing you to provide domain name resolution services and maintain complete control of...

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How to backup Feng Office

  This page is about how to backup your Feng Office installation manually. If you want to learn about the backup plugin that allows you to create backups from theadministration panel, please see the page Backup (Plugin). What needs to be backed up? The folder...

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